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Have You Experienced Abuse by a Priest, Pastor, or Clergy Member?

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, molested or subjected to any sexual behavior which has made you uncomfortable, it is important that you consult a respected California clergy sexual abuse lawyer who is prepared to take action and file a claim for damages. We can help you with the first steps to filing a claim by connecting you with an experienced Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorney.

The Legal Remedy to Devastating Clergy Abuse

There are many children and adults who have been the victim of clergy abuse or harassment, whether in the work environment or as a parishioner of a specific religious group. The harassment can be in sexual innuendos, veiled sexual comments, or any other unwanted sexual actions that are upsetting and illegal. In many cases, the parishioner, sometimes innocent children, are asked to perform certain sexual acts, or to discuss private matters including talking about their genitals, or being asked to engage in discussing or participating in various sexual activities. These are serious crimes and must be addressed in a civil lawsuit against the individual and church that allowed the actions to take place.

How to Take Legal Action

Some cases of clergy sexual harassment in California are when a parishioner or child is sought out, and efforts are made to speak to them privately to discuss sexual matters. This activity is often the precursor to even more dangerous sex crimes, including abuse. The Catholic Church has been under scrutiny for many serious criminal activities with regard to clergy members committing acts of sexual abuse over many years; it is considered urgent to be extremely vigilant about any harassment and seek help from a child sexual abuse lawyer in California immediately if it has taken place. Clergy Sex Abuse Attorneys is a place where we keep your personal information safe and connect you with the top Clergy Sex Abuse Attorneys in California that will help you prepare and gather all that is needed to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Who Can Commit an Act of Abuse?

Unfortunately, these atrocities are committed by different types religious leaders, including:

  • Rabbis
  • Ministers
  • Pastors
  • Church staff
  • Priests
  • Other religious workers

Victims of clergy sexual abuse should understand their rights and the legal processes that may play into their cases. The more a victim understands what happened to them and how they can move forward, the more empowered they are to make the best decisions for their lives. If you feel as though you have been a victim of sexual abuse then speak with the trusted and sensitive California Clergy Sex Abuse Attorneys to discuss what your options are.  Our sensitivity trained staff will connect you with the top Clergy Sex Abuse Attorneys in California to discuss your options and help you understand your options.

The Prevalence of Sexual Abuse by Clergy

Sex abuse on the part of Catholic priests gets the most attention due to the sheer number of survivors who have come forward and the scope of the resulting scandals. Catholicism, however, is hardly the only faith community in which clergy abuse their authority.  Lutherans, Southern Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Methodists, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam have endured sex abuse scandals.

Clergy hold positions of power over the adults and children who share their faith. This puts them in the position to manipulate—sometimes through fear, but sometimes just by exploiting innocent people. Extensive research has indicated that sexual assault, violence, and abuse is especially prevalent in scenarios that involve authority figures such as these.

Tack on the immense emotional pressure of religious faith and you have a recipe for disaster. Church members who feel unfulfilled in their religion or who struggle to feel accepted by God or their churches may find themselves abused by members of the clergy. These predators know how to pinpoint insecure and primed victims—and many pursue them aggressively.

Parents, in particular, should recognize that much of the sexual abuse carried out by clergy members involves children. Adult abuse is relatively uncommon—but many previous victims of childhood sexual abuse don’t take legal action until well into their adulthood. Keep in mind that adult church members around you may harbor immense grief and fear as a result of experiences they endured long ago. These survivors, too, deserve compassion and justice.

Clergy Sexual Abuse: Should You Hire an Attorney?

Victims of any variety of sexual abuse should hire a trustworthy, seasoned attorney. The right lawyer can help simplify the legal process and clarify questions or concerns that victims may experience throughout. Many sexual abuse victims find that they feel disempowered, fearful, and uncertain as they begin their pursuit of justice; but, with an experienced attorney by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to see your case through to the end.

If you believe that you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Gomez Trial Attorneys retains an extensive team of knowledgeable, empathetic, and hardworking legal professionals who are ready to assist victims as soon as necessary. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about our services. Contact our staff at 866-NO-SEX-ABUSE (866-667-3922) (toll-free phone number) or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation.

The Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

Many behaviors and other factors that could indicate clergy sexual abuse apply to any time of the sexual assault. Some victims may act differently depending on whether their abuse was acute or systemic; others may fail to demonstrate any warning signs at all. There’s no guarantee that a victim will behave in a certain way after their experience; however, some signs to be on the lookout for include:

  • The appearance of sexually transmitted infections
  • Physical trauma to the genital area
  • An increase in inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Bedwetting (in children)
  • Fear of being alone
  • Mistrust of authority
  • Confusion concerning faith or religion
  • Excessive discussions or behaviors centering around sexual concepts (especially those that are inappropriate for the victim’s age if they are a child)

Keep in mind that every sexual abuse victim responds to their experiences differently. The best way to increase the likelihood of pinpointing abuse is to foster open and honest discussions. Creating an environment where victims feel more comfortable discussing their traumas is the first step to achieving justice.

California Clergy Sexual Assault – The Problem Remains

Since the 1930s, the Roman Catholic leaders covered up accusations of sexual assault involving religious leaders and innocent adults and children.

Recent reports have identified sexually inappropriate events involving Priest, Pastors, Bishops, Brothers, and Sisters of all religious orders molesting adults and children in their parish.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles paid a female childhood sexual abuse victim $500,000 to settle a case involving sexual molestation by a priest. The victim, who had been sexually assaulted by Father Santiago Tame, was one plaintiff included in the Archdiocese’s 2007 $660 million settlement.

Some Catholic leaders have set up an independent compensation program to resolve clergy sexual abuse cases. Many assault survivors find peace in the justice of holding the predator and religious leader accountable.

Filing a damage recovery claim through the independent compensation program can be complicated, requiring the legal assistance of an experienced compensation abuse attorney that specializes in clergy injury cases.

Contact our staff at 866-NO-SEX-ABUSE (866-667-3922) (toll-free phone number) or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation.

The Statute of Limitations for Victims of Clergy Abuse

In January 2020, an LA Times article revealed six clergy abuse lawsuits filed against the Roman Catholic Dioceses of San Diego involving sexual abuse occurring decades ago committed by now-deceased religious leaders.

A victim sexually assaulted years ago has extended time past the old statute of limitations and can file an old claim until December 31, 2022. Many new plaintiffs submitted their suits the day after the state legislature changed the statute of limitations (AB 218) that extended the time that victims could file these types of lawsuits after the clergy abuse occurred.

California joined other nationwide jurisdictions, including New York and Pennsylvania in changing time restrictions to help victims of childhood sexual file lawsuits as adults.

The state law change expanded the minimum age a victim can file a claim alleging sexual assault by Catholic clergy from twenty-six years of age to forty.

The bill also allows a three-year window for survivors of sexual abuse of any age to refile a claim that may have been previously prohibited when the statute of limitations expired from when they were victims of clergy sexual misconduct.

Most child sexual abuse compensation lawsuits filed against the Roman Catholic leaders and the abusive priests reveal a cover-up involving church officials who were not interested in protecting the victim nor providing much-needed mental health care for the predator.

Legal officials believe the many newly submitted lawsuits by victims of California clergy abuse are just the tip of the iceberg of cases to be filed against Catholics, other religious institutions, and youth organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, and the Mormon Church.

California Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyers are Ready to Help

Our network of sexual abuse attorneys understands how difficult it is for abuse survivors to speak out about what a shameful clergy member did to you.

We know that the church uses its power to push back and say that what happened was not wrong. However, with our network of Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorneys on your side, you will never stand there alone. We help sexual abuse survivors when they decide that they want to take action against the Catholic Church.

Let a clergy abuse attorney begin working on your clergy sexual abuse case today. Speak out now and file a lawsuit. An abuse attorney can help you take legal action as you try to get financial compensation for the child sex abuse that you endured. Contact our staff at 866-NO-SEX-ABUSE (866-667-3922) (toll-free phone number) or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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